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Earth Day Arrives at Club Penguin!

Hey, Penguins! The Earth Day Party is here! Here are all the places and cheats for you to see. I hope you enjoy this really long post. 🙂


First, in the Town Center, the Coffee, Night Club, and Gift Shop is all green! Also, as you can see, there is a sign where you could click and get teleported to the Mine Shack/Recycling Center.

Second, here is the Plaza. Only the Pet Shop and Pizza Shop is in Green! You know something, if I was the creator, I would make a play about Earth Day on the Stage. But they didn’t. 😦 Also, they put a signpost to the Mine Shack in the Plaza, too.

Thirdly, here is the outside of the Mine Shack. You can throw snowballs in the machine, and you have to be quick and the water have to reach the faucet, and water from the faucet comes out.

That’s about pretty much all the rooms there is that are decorated. Here are the rooms that are not decorated:

  • Mine Shack (Inside)
  • Snow Forts
  • Beach
  • Lighthouse
  • Beacon
  • Ski Hill
  • Ice Rink
  • Dock
  • Ski Village

Now, for the cheats!  This year, there is a Recycle Hunt! Hope you enjoy it.

First of all, the free item is a Straw Gardening Hat.

Okay, so you can start the recycling hunt now! Here is the notice for the items:

Here is the first item. It is located at the Coffee Shop and it is a broken cup.

Here is the second item. It is located at the Pet Shop and something related to puffles.

The third item is at the Cove. It is a barrel.

The fourth item is at the Dojo Courtyard. It is a bottle of hot sauce.

The fifth item is located at the Book Room. It is a bag of beans.

The sixth item is in the forest. It is a newspaper.

The seventh item is at the Ski Village. It is a pizza box.

The eighth item is at the Mine Shack. It is a can of water.

Now, you can receive the Recycle pin.

Finally, here is the Recycling Plant.

So, how do you think of the Earth Day Party? Comment on what you think of it!

-Kazookie1, Club Penguin Cheats


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